A Bit About Our Ballet Shoes

All of our ballet shoes are handmade here in Thrapston, Northamptonshire which we are incredibly proud of. We sell a wide variety of styles including full sole, split sole, canvas, satin, leather and wide fit, so there is something for everyone!

We also stock an assortment of colours, including pink, white, off white, ivory, black and red. Our size guide ranges from a child’s size 5 all the way up to an adult 11 in most styles, including half sizes. That’s a total of 39 different sizes to choose from! The shoes are made to a professional finish each and every time, and are perfect for ballet recitals, exams and classes.

We do also stock an “economy” range, which are available to purchase from our eBay and Amazon shops. These are slightly cheaper as they are not as high quality as our own Katz ballet shoes. We stock these in pink satin, pink canvas and pink leather in sizes 1-9. These are perfect for a “wear and tear” ballet shoe that you don’t mind getting scuffed during ballet lessons, so that you can keep your premium pair in pristine condition for your exams and shows.

Head to http://www.katz-dancewear.co.uk to see our full range!

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Love from the Katz Dancewear Team x



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