POINTE-ers! What Are Sickled Feet?

Hello dancers! Firstly we would like to apologise for not sharing any posts for a little while; we have been rushed off our feet with all your orders over the last couple of months we haven’t had time to stop! But here we are, back today with a POINTE-ers post! This weeks topic is all about sickled feet.


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What dancers need to know about stretching


If you are flexible only on one leg, experience niggly pains, or just never seem to get more flexible, it might be because you are stretching incorrectly.

If you get to class and promptly sit down to stretch, you a) are not warming up properly and b) are only half a chance of increasing your flexibility.

The type of stretching that you need to do depends on the purpose for stretching. The three main reasons to stretch are:

  1. To warm-up in preparation for dance
  2. To cool down your body after dance
  3. To increase your flexibility for dance.

1. Stretching to warm up

In exercise science circles there has long been controversy about whether you should even stretch to warm up. The basic current evidence suggests that passive stretches (where the body part being stretched is still and held for a period of time) can actually increaseyourchancesofinjury and possibly

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Instagram Loving

Hello, all! We have recently rekindled our love for our Instagram account and would love for you to give us a follow!

Our username is @katzdancewear and if you post a photo wearing one of our products on your own profile with the hashtag ‪#‎katzdancewear‬ then we will feature you on our page!

So get liking and posting and we will see you there!

Love from the Katz Dancewear Team x#


Dancing My Way Through Life

A beautiful story of a young girl who finally realised her full potential and is now living the dream! Well done, Karen!

When I was five, my parents enrolled me in my first dance lesson.

I wasn’t nearly as flexible as the other girls nor had I been dancing straight from the womb, but I found myself falling in love with the tutus, the tap shoes, the walls of silver and gold medals, and of course, the bobby-pinned slicked back buns. While I stared in awe behind glass windows at the other girls pirouetting and chasséing effortlessly across the floor, I yearned for the attention the older, more experienced, girls received: the dozens of eyes glued on their chiseled arms and pointed toes.

Somewhere between third and fourth grade, my parents pulled me from the studio I had been dancing for. Whether it was due to the generally harsh demeanor of the studio Director or my failure to vocalize my love affair with jazz and tap, I will never quite know. But during those dance-less years, I…

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Dance Teachers: Please Put Some Clothes On Your Students

A fantastic article challenging the choice of costuming in today’s day and age. A really interesting read!

Dreaming With Your Feet

Dance Teachers, we need to talk. You have got to stop sending children out to dance in public in their underwear. Maybe you’ve added some rhinestones to that underwear or maybe you’ve strategically placed a piece of chiffon somewhere but come on…underwear is underwear and we all know it.

And Dance Parents, you shouldn’t allow your children to do this, even if your Dance Teacher thinks its okay.

I go to dance recitals and competitions and feel like I’m in “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Surely I’m not the only adult among the hundreds in attendance who thinks it’s inappropriate to send kids on stage to dance in their knickers. Am I?

You may be wondering what qualifies me to state such an opinion, so here are my credentials:

  • I’ve been involved in dance either as a student, a performer or a teacher since somewhere around 1963.
  • I started my daughter’s…

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Burns Night 2015 – 5 Scottish Recipe Ideas

Hello all! So tonight is Burns Night, in memory of the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns. (If you’re unfamiliar, then please click here).

In memory of Robert Burns, we decided to write a post with 5 Scottish recipe ideas for your dinner tonight, so that you can join in with the celebration of his life.

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Hello dancers! Every month we run a competition here at Katz where one lucky person can get their hands on a free item. The prize is different every time and can be absolutely anything that we sell! In the last few months our winners have won tutus, ballet bags, stationary sets and even our newest range shoes!

This month the lucky winner will receive a £20 gift voucher for our website, to spend on anything they like!


To enter the competition please visit our FACEBOOK PAGE. All you need to do it like the page, like the **WIN IT WEDNESDAY** post and share it onto your timeline, and then comment on the post and let us know what you would spend the voucher on.

The competition will run until 9am on Thursday 28th January and the winner will be announced at midday!

So, what are you waiting for?! Head on over to our FACEBOOK PAGE to be in with the chance of winning!

Love from The Katz Dancewear Team x


RAD Uniform Supplied at Katz

Hello again everyone! As we are sure you are aware, RAD is the mother of all dance; the Queen B (or Queen D) if you like! Here at Katz we supply a whole range of RAD styled uniform that can be worn for exams, all at really affordable prices. Here is a little run through of what we have to offer!


RAD Uniform Requirement: Pink or lilac short-sleeved leotard

Left to right: Katz KDC037 pale pink leotard, Katz KDC037 lilac leotard with belt


RAD Uniform Requirement: Georgette wrap over skirt

Katz KDGS04 georgette wrap around skirt in Plum, Black, Lilac, Pink and Sky Blue


RAD Uniform Requirement: Pink leather or satin ballet shoes


Left to right: Katz pink leather full sole ballet shoes, Katz pink satin full sole ballet shoes


RAD Uniform Requirement: Short pink ballet socks

Katz pink ballet socks


Grades 1-3

RAD Uniform Requirement: Short pink ballet socks and pink leather or satin ballet shoes(as shown above)


RAD Uniform Requirement: Marine or navy blue sleeveless leotard without ruche and matching waist elastic

Left to right: Katz KDC036 in Marine with matching waist belt, Katz KDC036 in Navy with matching waist belt


RAD Uniform Requirement: Character skirt – ribbon colours: dark blue, blue and pale blue

Black canvas low heel syllabus shoe

Katz Blue Ribbon Character Skirt with elasticated waist, Katz Syllabus Character shoes (RAD approved)


Grades 4-5

RAD Uniform Requirement: Teal or lavender sleeveless leotard with ruche detailing and matching waist elastic

 Left to right: Katz KDC036 in Teal, Katz KDC036 in lavender (matching belts also available)


RAD Uniform Requirement: Short pink ballet socks or tights

 Left to right: Katz 90 denier professional convertible tights, Katz pink dance socks


RAD Uniform Requirement: Pink leather or satin ballet shoes (as above in primary and lower grades)


RAD Uniform Requirement: Black Cuban heel syllabus shoes

  Katz black Cuban heel syllabus shoes (RAD approved)


RAD Uniform Requirement: Character Skirt – ribbon colours: pink, lilac and light blue

Katz Pink Ribbon Character skirt


Grades 6-8

RAD Uniform Requirement: Mulberry sleeveless leotard with matching waist elastic

 Katz KDC036 in mulberry with matching waist elastic


RAD Uniform Requirement: Thin strap burgundy leotard


 Katz KDC026 in burgundy


RAD Uniform  Requirement: Pink tights

 Left to right: Katz 90 denier professional full foot pink tights, Katz 70 denier convertible pink tights


Please head to our website to view more of our RAD suitable range, plus a whole range of other colours and styles to choose from. We are always adding, so if you have any suggestions then do let us know!

Love from the Katz Dancewear Team x



The Thrapston Dreamers

Hi everyone! So we have recently become the sponsor for our local dance club, The Thrapston Dreamers. If you are local around the Northamptonshire area, then please do check them out!

The Thrapston Dreamers will be debuting their very first production next month locally. They will be putting on a performance of Snow White and we can’t wait to see it!

The shows are on for the following dates, so make sure you get your tickets:

Friday 19th February 7:oopm – £5

Saturday 20th February 7:00pm – £5

Sunday 21st February 1:30pm £10 (with afternoon tea)

The performance will take place The O’Leary Hall in the Crown Building at Thrapston Primary School.

You can tickets here at Katz Dancewear HQ, Jolly’s Toy Shop or online.

We would really encourage anyone who can to go and support the Thrapston Dreamers, as they are run solely on donations. The Dreamers attend free of charge, because the creators just want to bring a little sparkle to their lives – they don’t want anyone to miss out!

These are a really talented bunch on performers who would love to share their work with you. So please clear a space in your diary for one of the shows!

Please also give them a follow on social media with the following links:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/thrapstondreamers

Twitter – www.twitter.com/Dream1Thrapston

So from all at Katz and all at Thrapston Dreamers, we hope to see you there!


Love from the Katz Dancewear Team x